About Us

My name is Derrick Gutormson, founder of Flat Lands Production. I always knew I was going to start a business, but I didn’t know what line of business I would venture into. My passion for producing videos was stirred up in college at Lake Area Technical Institute after I took a video production class that was included in my curriculum. The moment that class had me pick up a camera, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

From there I started my own digital video business and have been helping other businesses flourish with video for three years now. I also received 1st place in video production for South Dakota’s skills USA. I enjoy helping businesses turn flat sales in South Dakota (the Flat Lands) into amazing sales results through video production. I achieve this by working closely with my clients and helping them refine their good ideas into great ideas.


Our Mission

  • To grow as many businesses as we can using our creativity and digital media knowledge.
  • To provide our customers with timely and cost-effective solutions tailored to drive individualistic results.
  • To be the expert in digital video solutions in the Glacial Lakes area in order to serve our customers better.


Our Values


The Pain We Solve

Businesses shouldn’t be flat when it comes to growth. Businesses need high-quality videos to drive results! Designing and shooting videos and other digital products take time, physical resources, and online media skills to build trust, close sales, and drive results. Videos cost money! That is why we give you a run for your money by providing you with creative and cost-efficient solutions that will drive much needed results for your business.


The Best Solution

Videos should be produced in a timely, cost-effective manner that compels the customer to do business with you time and again.


Why we are the best digital video solution provider.

  • We channel creativity and marketing knowledge into driving results.
  • Our small-run capability gives us availability and accessibility to our customers.
  • We provide our clients with resourceful video content at cost-effective prices.


There’s literally no other Digital Video company that will take care of you and your business like we do in terms of quality video production. At Flat Lands Production, we are truly a one-of-a-kind video production business by serving you way beyond your expectation, even if it means pouring coffee for a bunch of upset passengers during an airport shoot. This is because we strongly believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important.



2018 12th Ave Sw

Watertown, SD, 57201